Can we talk about Jeniffer Lawrence?  Can somebody PLEASE talk with me about Jennifer Lawrence?!  How does she do this?! I can even display this much emotion in REAL LIFE.

Fuck, I am so glad I am around to see her create this shit.  She is incredible. 

here, have another oscar

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Reblogging as fast as i can

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This makes me happy

It should be “and having a baby with him” not “having his baby”…


This makes me happy

It should be “and having a baby with him” not “having his baby”…

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A Letter to Andre Breton, Originally Composed on a Leaf of Lettuce With an Ink-dipped Carrot

On my bed, my green comforter
draped over my knees like a lumpy turtle,
I think about the Berlin Wall of years that separates us.
In my own life, the years are beginning to stack up
like a Guinness World Record’s pile of pancakes,
yet I’m still searching for some kind of syrup to believe in.
In the shadows of my pink sheet, I see your face, Desnos’ face,
and two clock faces staring at each other. I see a gaping wound
that ebbs rose petals, while a sweaty armpit
holds an orchestra. Beethoven, maybe.
A lover sings a capella, with the frothiness of a cappuccino.
Starbucks, maybe. There’s an hourglass, too, and beneath the sands
lie untapped oil reserves. I see Dali’s mustache,
Magritte’s pipe, and bowling shoes, which leaves the question—
If you could time travel through a trumpet, would you find
today and tomorrow too loud?


— Jarod Kintz (via observando)

jackoffolantern said: wait, so what is the all jane, no dick thing? (can't believe I moved out of OR and missed all this stuff.)


All Jane No Dick is a comedy festival hosted by the Curious Comedy Theater that features talented and unique female acts from all over the U.S.

The idea is that women only represent 17-19% of the workforce in the comedy industry and the festival seeks to raise visibility of the great female comics out there.

Some guy has been tearing down our promotional materials (we’re a non-profit and that stuff costs us a lot of money) and putting up his own fliers calling the festival sexist and using terms like “feminazi” and “man-bashing.”

He is trying to organize a protest for the festival which starts next week.

I’d love it if everyone could help spread positive messages about this festival. It’s going to be a really great event.

"If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth… beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel about other animals…would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?"

— George Bernard Shaw  (via give-a-fuck-about-nature)

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It’s breast cancer awareness month and that means it’s time for a round-up of SocImages’ interrogation of breast cancer awareness month!

Our favorite finding? That the color pink actually makes women take breast cancer LESS seriously. Oops. That one’s first…

Social Psychology

Inequality and Breast Cancer Care


Sexual Objectification in Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer and the Social Construction of Gender

Simply Absurd

Applaud…where is the applause button.

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I love this part. Makes me laugh every time

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In cinema, gloves are regularly used to represent hiding one’s true intentions. Characters often seen wearing gloves are normally hiding something 

Frozen is a perfect example of this


Elsa obviously uses gloves to hide her powers and doesn’t show her true self until she discards them 






Well played Disney… well played


I’m onto you, you fucking rat.

This escalated quickly

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